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My Mission

Monday, January 15th, 2007

Well, I figured I’d make a blog here sinse I could, and should not just lurk in the shadows on this. Hopefully writing about what I want to do with music won’t bore you too much!

To start it off, my name is Joel and I graduated high school in 06. Over the summer my band tracked our first album on a bad bad bad behringer mixer into a Dell laptops soundcard line in. I try to forget the sounds it made, it brings nightmares to my sleep! After this small experiance, I became addicted to recording. Started with my podxt live’s line out into my computers line in using Audacity. I couldn’t get enough of this! It was just too fun. (I just realized how dorky it is, we have fun recording stuff. Tihehe) I then decided that I’d really want to start recording, and specializing in the area of tracking. Its just too much fun for me. Shortly thereafter, I started googling my butt off and found Studio-Central. Read Tweaks guide at least twice a day. After a while I joined the forums so I could ask the best n00b questions ever. A few months went buy and I found myself making my first purchases, a PreSonus Firepod and some mics. The more I played with everything, the more I wanted. The more I wanted the more I realized I would love to open a small budget studio for the local bands. To be able to give out close to professional quality recordings at a lower price, and much more friendly. I wouldn’t care if I did it for free for a while, its something I quite enjoy.

Eventually I expanded my gear with another Firepod and some more mics, and I was broke through all of December because of it. (Its so worth having 2 SM81’s, trust me!) This brought me to re tracking my bands drum and keyboard parts while they were down from college. My first true tracking experience. I realized just how little I knew when I thought I knew enough. It was a blast none the less, even getting the perfect XY with the overheads which took me about an hour and a half, stil great fun. This has pushed me to wanting to ask and learn as much as I could. I have a set budget the next few years to build up my gear supply so I can get a small project studio launched and off the ground. Even if it fails, I would not mind so much, I would just have one awesome toy to play with my own bands. :)

Well enough rambling on, wish me luck, because I’m probably going against the wind on this one!

- joelpilling