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Breaking Boundaries pt. 4 (maybe last)

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Not much to tell this time. Zitto liked what i had done, he only had one complaint, he wanted the piano in the chorus to sustain more, this was an easy, but time consuming job, as i rerecorded each chorus.

Then i made the break, we did discuss it for quite sometime and for once i wasn’t trying to stick to any familiar ground, Zitto wanted to make a classic rap break beat, drums and bass, nothing else. I wanted to make a more melodic break. We went back and forth, reference tracks and citing adjectives. In the end i agree with his point that it would create more tension, releasing in one last chorus.

That’s all the stuff i did, normally i would continue with doing an instrumental mix, but since i’m really out of my area here i decided not to. This however means that there will be no more updates, until we have finished recording, if we finish. While i would love to promise a finished track, i can’t, Zitto is a bit of a scatter brain and while it can really drive my nuts sometimes, fact is he works best that way, had this been a group effort i could have continue where he left of, but in this case i can’t it’s a very personal project for him. This also means that he can choose not to finish it, course he don’t want it released. While i don’t thinks that’s gonna happen, i could certainly understand it.

Here are the maybe last preview as well as the others, since i noticed the links was broken in the other posts.

First Preview

Second Preview

Third preview