Testing one, two, three

Ok Here we go.  Bear with me while I figure this alien interface out.  Looks like it has very cool formatting possibilities. 

Heh.  Like when I got my first word processor.   

I have a lot of ideas of how to use this space, so stay tuned.  If you have ideas, let me know here:


1. A free sample site, where I give away samples I have made
2. a place to move studio-central to eventually
3. a repository for images and audio examples that I don’t want to burden the other sites with
4. expanding advertising to EU stores as well as pro audio stores with the high end gear zzounds does not sell
5. possibly direct sales of gear
6. A chat room (maybe)
7. A blog room
8. user articles and maybe even showcase pics and songs
9. a place to hold songwriting contests, with upload directories

We’ll be running PHP NUKE, which I am excited about.
This is not going to happen overnight. 


2 Responses to “Testing one, two, three”

  1. Tweak says:

    Oh we should hope it goes smooth