Meta content and my new plan.

This may be a shorter blog then i usual due, the reason for this that i decided to approach this with a new method, a new plan so to speak.

I decided to blog more now, i’m hoping for one a week, maybe every other week.

This is plan is to due to me having an idea of doing more meta content and i’m planning to mainly use the blog for this (although i’m thinking i might do a video or audio podcast a long the way).

So what’s meta content, i’ll admit i kinda stole the term from my counselor at university, basically it’s content about  your content. So what’s my content, well it’s basically my music in this case.

You see i like to think that i know a little bit about home recording now (at least in a minimalistic set-up), i consider myself a pretty decent songwriter (at least in terms of hiphop) and i like to think that i got a deep understanding of the culture of hiphop. I always enjoy discussion this points and the methods i use in these various areas and teaching, to whatever extend i can, people about this stuff. I like that a lot, but i have been too much of a perfectionist and in some cases lazy to do that efficiently.

When i first got this blog i had an idea of long article, arguing points of both sides and going into long perspectively based conclusions, i’m had no interest in doing much of series and continuing articles, i wanted to finish stuff up.

I have later learned, that this is a very annoying way for me to work, i would end up writing a blog form just after dinner to 4 in morning and even then occasionally come out with what i consider substandard content. I was never good at starting writing the day before posting, because i would get sucked in, so the great idea i had of using a week to write, was never going to happen.

So here’s the solution, i’ll write smaller easier to comprehend and quicker to write articles, i’ll go even more into meta content and perhaps do whole blogs or series on theories.

I’ll go more into the deep of this later, i’m keeping it short this time.



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