Album and Word of mouth

So far i’m keeping up with my one a week blogging schedule.


I started my first solo album (and first real album to some extend), second overall counting the EP and actually third counting the horrible demo. I got a certain fondness for the format, in the context of a collection of tracks that have been put together with a consideration for continuity. Album sells may be coming to somewhat of an end (or not, depending on who you listen to), but all stats for my own music shows that this is a very good format for providing your music.

No doubt this is in part due to Bandcamp’s wonderful system, where you can set the focus on albums, not singles. I have nowhere near enough data to actual say anything conclusive in terms of albums on the grander level of things, but in the end my experience shows that the format at least doesn’t damage your chance to cast peoples eyes, more so otherwise.

Enough of me promoting the format, what really interest me is that this is a lot different then how most my music is made. Long story short my DAW is dead right now, so i can’t make the beats for the songs, in stead all time goes into the lyrics for now, it’s how i started before i made my own beats and i have always maintained that i’m a lyricist first and it’s somewhat liberating to get back to just writing rhymes, not having to worry about making the beats.

Aside from lyrics most of the work so far have been administration and organization, i managed to get access to all my stuff by booting Ubuntu for a USB (Ubuntu is BTW great for general purpose pc) so i was able to gather the lyrics and few beats i had, other then i’m discussing concept, no it’s not a concept album as such, but still aiming for a bit of a red thread, so a bit of concept is involved. I have a couple of people lined up in terms of cover art and of course i’m working on promotion as well. It really feels great to work for real again, with an end goal in mind, in the end i think that’s what i really enjoy about the album format, it gives sense of end goal.


So this is a bit of a funny story. At Aalborg University almost all work is done in our project groups, which is around 6 people each, also all social science students study together (which this year is a bit over 1000). Depending on what exactly is going on i’m around 200 to 1000 students everyday.

Now of course we are all still meeting new people and of course on of first thing i tell people is that i rap. This has had a crazy effect, a lot more people know me at the university, then i know there, apparently the relative few that i have directed towards my music have really spread the word, so much that doing this mini-intro trip we had, i was actually asked by two very pretty girls, if they could get an autograph, admittedly they where drunk. very drunk, but still the fact that they knew me, without me ever spoken a word to them, tells of this effect, all stats as well show big increases since around the time i started at the university.

Now i don’t tell you this just to brag, although i admit that i’m proud people seem to like my music, why shouldn’t i be? While i always maintain that i don’t create to please “the public”, what i choose to put out is governed by what i want the world to hear and i’m very glad.

What’s however really the point of this is to prove the concept, that three years of studying communication have ingrain as an unsolvable riddle in my head. I know a lot about promoting stuff and can promote stuff pretty good, if i do say so myself, but nothing seems to have a bigger effect then a good amount of word of mouth and while you can try to stimulate word of mouth, in fact i think that should be the main goal of any promotion, it’s never predicable. I seen cases (as part of my study) where almost endless amounts of effort, energy and money have been put into a campaign, only to have it fall flat on it’s ass. Then there are cases like this where little or none promotion have given a ton of publicity, after all it wasn’t my intend to promote my music when i told people that i was a rapper, it’s was pure let’s get to know each other since we are going to spend a lot of time working together during this project. In most cases i didn’t give them any links just the name of my group and my own alias, in some i didn’t even do that.

Anyway that’s that for this week, hopefully i keep up next week as well, i’m really enjoying this.


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