Hard drive dead

So my harddrive died.

It’s not to bad, i got a new one cheap and it was my system drive, not my music drive.

However i was lucky, course if it went totally dead a week ago i would have lost quit a bit of stuff.

This is because while i had all audio on another drive (as you should have), but a lot of photos, lyrics etc. was for a long time on my system drive and not even backed up in ages.

All in all i could probably have lost a good 75 % of my lyrics, all pictures music related and not as well as a couple of old videos i did with the guys that may not have much value, but are fun to watch from time to time.

In short always remember to back up and keep all stuff of your system drive, that way you can access it even if the system screw up (like my did entirely).

Like i said i got a new drive for cheap, a western digital caviar blue 360 GB 7200 RPM. It’s a bit larger and quicker then my old drive, which is nice.

That’s it for this week, i have been very busy, so it’s a bit short i know.


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