How does one measure success?  It is a question that few ask themselves as they plod onward to some imagined vista.  Yet we must ask it.  Is it acclaim?  A Grammy nomination?  When your mix makes FM radio? When the opposite sex breaks down your door at 3am after the pubs close?


I often marvel at the outcomes of fantasy that play out in my mind.  And I have some for this blogosphere too.  I see it as the jewel that sits above both TweakHeadz Lab and the Community forums, a lens into the energies that led me to create both of them.  In as few words as possible, the celebration of beauty and creativity. 

In this sense, my typing out these words this cold winter night, is a the moment itself.  Lets see where it goes.

~~Your site administrator,

The Tweak 


 ps.  What is a “BlogoSphere?”   Here is how we have mapped out various “spheres” of physical reality.  The blogosphere is an invisible one, though which we communicate.


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