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By Tweak

Blog accounts are given out by invitation only.  To be invited, send Tweak a Private message from the forums. Tell me what you want to do. My goal is to bring together the people who really know music, the studio process, technical, business and artistic matters.  The outcome is the construction of a resource to the web community.

The tried and true route to get in the blogosphere is to contribute to the studio-central forums.

The blogosphere can act as a forum, but I don’t want it to be one.  We have great forums already where anyone can ask questions about gear.  We will have a separate forum on SC for discussing the blog. Each blog should have a linkback to a public forum where studio-central members can offer feedback.  Here is the linkback forum:

Each blogger has their space and can add articles they want to do.  It is their creative space to do whatever they want. It could be a studio blog of happenning in their studio, techniques for micing drums, an instrospective musing in the nature of their life, or a treatise on the molecular structure of sound waves.  Our craft is both technical and artistic, and our blogs should be as emotional and as abstract as they need to be.

The blogger will retain all control and rights to their material, can remove or edit it at any time.  This is not a paid position.  But I do encourage all members who have products or services to use the space to advertise. You also get to put a link to your site in the “Sites in Our Community” section, which should be effective. I expect traffic to be very high in a short period of time.  If it works out as I think it will, we will have a first class web resource for musicians and studio people like ourselves.

If you wish to leave me feedback on the process you can do so here.



December 26, 2006

June 2009

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